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Here is the List of the best Essential Oils and their uses

Essential oils are those compounds that you can extract from the plants. These oils capture the scent, flavour and aroma of the plants. The characteristic essence of each of the essential oils come from the unique aromatic compounds. You get the essential oils through distillation or mechanical methods like cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals are extracted, these are mixed with a carrier oil. This creates a ready to use product. The process of making the essential oil is very important as the oils that are made using chemical processes are not considered as essential oils. Make sure that you get essential oils from the best essential oils manufacturers.

How does essential oil work?

The essential oils are inhaled through various methods. You cannot swallow the essential oils. The chemicals that are there in the essential oils are able to interact with the body in different ways. There are some plant chemicals that get absorbed when applied to the skin. It is also believed that there are certain application methods that can improve absorption like applying with heat applying in different body parts.

If you inhale the aromas of the essential oil that can stimulate areas of the limbic system. This is a part of your brain that plays a major role in behaviours, long term memory and the sense of smell. The most interesting thing is that the limbic system is highly responsible for forming the memories. It is for this reason we see that many times familiar smells can trigger emotions or memories.

The limbic system plays a very important role in controlling several psychological and unconscious functions. There are some people who claim that essential oils exert a physical effect on your body.

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List of Essential Oils with their benefits

  • Lavender Oil

This oil is gentle and has several benefits. You can use this oil in several ways. You can try adding it to a diffuser or bath as aromatherapy. You can add this to water to make the body spray or room spray. You can also combine it with a base oil to make body oil. Lavender oil can also help you in releasing stress, pain and sleep. Before antiseptics were discovered, lavender oil was used as relief from pain and sleep. This was also used as a cleaning agent in the hospitals. Studies show that this oil can disrupt hormones among young boys. Most people use this oil as an antiseptic, antimicrobial or antifungal solution.

  • Tea Tree Oil

This oil is also used as antimicrobial, antifungal and as an antiseptic. This oil also helps in treating acne. You need to take some cotton and dip it in the tea tree oil. Now you can apply this cotton directly on the acne. The best thing about this is that you do not have to dilute this oil.

This can also be used to treat athlete’s foot and ringworm. For this, you need to dilute this with the carrier oil (like a base oil that might be vegetable oil like coconut or if you want, you can also use jojoba oil. You need to apply this oil mixture on the area of the skin that is affected. The tea tree oil can be neurotoxic. Therefore, it is recommended not to diffuse it if you have children and pets at home. If you contact the best essential oil suppliers in India, you will be able to get the best Tea tree oil.

  • Frankincense Oil

This is known as the King of Oils. This can help an individual to reduce inflammation. This also helps in elevating the mood and improving sleep. This also helps in improving asthma and prevents gum diseases. This oil has a woody and a spicy scent. This can be used in aromatherapy and is also found in skin creams. You should dilute this oil before you apply it to your skin.

  • Peppermint Oil

This oil is antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. This helps in easing headaches and also helps in fighting fatigue. This oil further helps in improving your mood and reducing the gut spasms. It supports memory and digestion. This oil is very gentle and using this is also quite easy.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

This is an excellent oil that you can use during the winter. This helps in soothing your blocked nose. This oil helps in opening the nasal passages thereby making it easier for you to breathe. This oil also helps in relieving pain and helps you fight against herpes simplex virus. It is able to do this because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. You should take precautions when using this oil. You should dilute this before you apply it topically. This should not be ingested.

  • Lemon Oil

This is the oil that is extracted from the peels of lemon. This oil can be diffused into the air or you can also apply this topically mixing it with carrier oil. This oil helps in reducing anxiety and pain. This also helps in easing nausea and kills bacteria. Study shows that this oil also helps in improving cognitive function and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

  • LemonGrass Oil

This oil has a very strong citrus scent. This helps in relieving stress, anxiety as well as depression. This oil has antibacterial properties that makes this oil a good natural remedy for healing wounds. This also helps in killing bacteria. This also prevents the growth of fungus found in athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm. This oil also helps in reducing the blood sugar levels of people who are suffering from type 2 Diabetes.


Essential oils have been used for a long time for various purposes. The aromatherapy essential oils have gained popularity in the last few years because of their ability to alleviate the symptoms related to various health conditions. These have good fragrance and also have curative potential. Therefore if you incorporate these oils into your daily routine, that can prove to be highly effective. These oils are more effective on the pressure points and also help in refreshing your mind. To get the best essential oils, get in touch with the best essential oil manufacturers in India.

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