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Top 10 Sports Nutrition Manufacturers in India

Every individual needs a nutritious and a balanced diet to lead a healthy and a disease free life. This however, depends on various factors like the digestive system, age, daily routine, daily activity etc. It is very important for a sportsman to remain energetic and active because they are physically much more active than a non-athlete. A sportsman will never be able to reach their goals if they do not follow a healthy and a balanced diet. There are several sports nutrition manufacturers in India who have contributed greatly to fulfil the nutritional needs of an athlete. If you are a sportsperson and want to keep your body in a good condition, it is essential for you to exercise daily and also follow a healthy diet.
A sports person normally eats healthier food in comparison to non-athletes. This helps their digestive system to work in a different way and thereby boosts their stamina. This also helps them improve their stamina. A professional athlete always follows a nutritious diet and it includes proper amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins etc.

Rise in the Demand of Good Quality Sports Nutrition Products in India

As per the reports, the India Sports Nutrition Market reached a value of as much as US$1,5 Billion in the year 2022. The nutrient rich products are in the form of dietary supplements, sports driks, protein powders, energy bars etc. These help in boosting performance and provides instant energy.

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Recent Statistics

As per the analysis report by IMARC Group, some of the best companies of the sports nutrition industry are investing a lot of money in collaborations, innovations and acquisitions. They are doing this to strengthen their hold in the market. They are trying their best to improve the quality of the products. These days people have become very conscious about their health. It is for this reason that the sports drinks are suddenly growing in popularity in comparison to the carbonated drinks. It is for this reason that the manufacturers are coming up with sugar free, low calories drinks that are rich in vitamins and minerals.
The sports nutrition products also help in improving the body composition, gain lean mass and also help in reducing the effects of injury, delayed recovery and fatigue. It is for this reason that the sale of the sports nutrition products have increased to a great extent especially among the body builders. The IMARC Group is expecting the market value to reach up to $US 2.5 Billion by the year 2028. This means that it will grow at a CAGR of 8.1% from the year 2023 to 2028.

Top 10 Sports Nutrition Manufacturer Companies in India

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Nutrition Manufacturer Companies

This is one of the top Nutraceutical companies in India. This is a third-party Sports Nutrition Manufacturer company that offers a wide range of products that include whey protein, dietary supplements, gym supplements, amino acids, clinical products, multi mineral and multi vitamin syrup, chewable tablets and instant drink mix. These products help in boosting the energy level, relieves anxiety, improves eye health and treats inflammation. Consuming these products help in maintaining the overall well-being.

Secure Life Pharmaceuticals

Secure Life Pharmaceuticals is one of the best third party pharma company. This is an ISO and GMP certified company and has a good reputation in the health care industry because of its high quality products and on time delivery. The customer service of this company is also quite good. All the health care products supplied by this company goes through proper lab tests before selling them to customers. They never compromise with the health and safety of their customers.

Nexlife Nutrascience

This is another reputed Nutraceutical company. This organization has been operating since the year 2014. This provides a variety of range in the third party Sports Nutrition Manufacturer products. They are the wholesalers, exporters as well as traders of some of the finest quality protein powders. It is one of the oldest companies and its delivery facilities and warehousing is quite efficient and accurate.

Nutralike Health Care

This is a well-known company dealing with health care products. Their products range from capsules to protein powders to sports supplements. The protein powders and health supplements are highly appreciated because of the excellent results that these provide. These products are introduced into the market only after proper research, verification and clinically tested formalities.

Muscle Blaze

This company has been in the market since the year 2012. They provide quality nutrition supplements at quite a reasonable price. The USP of this company is that they provide their customers the best quality food at the most reasonable price.

Nutriwell Laboratories

This company provides ISO-GMP certified products and they have a great manufacturing unit. This company has a highly professional team who maintain hygienic protocols from packaging to delivery. The protein powder that this company provides is of the highest quality and help repairing muscles and gaining weight.

Avid Nutrilabs

This private label sports nutrition manufacturer mainly focuses on the science based beverages and functional food. Avid Nutrilabs primarily focuses on the wellness industry and sports nutrition. This offers products like isotonic sports drinks, high-fiber wellness drinks, antistress instant coffee and high fiber wellness drinks.

Glanbia Performance Nutrition India Pvt Ltd

This company is a subsidiary of a foreign company. It is involved in the preserving and the producing of sports nutrition products. The products that this company offers include isopure, nutramino and lactose free, low calorie whey isolate drinks that have close to nil fat, impurities and carbs. These are formulated as per the life style needs of people. These products helps in muscle gain, enhances sports performance, helps in recovery, improves endurance and supports general fitness and well-being.

Gurdian Health Care Services Pvt Ltd.

This company is a wholesaler who primarily focuses on beauty, wellness and nutritional products. This provides unique energy drinks that include weight management supplements, protein performance supplements, herbs, vitamins, greens and wellness supplements.

Steadfast Nutrition

This is a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand that offers good quality supplement foods to professional athletes. The products include items related to the wellness segment and sports nutrition. These contain essential vitamins and minerals that help in balancing electrolyte balance and also boosts the overall immunity.


This blog provides you with a guidance about the top sports nutrition manufacturers in India. The needs and requirements of each person is different. Therefore, it is important that you select the company as per your requirements. It is important for you to know about the sports nutrition manufacture companies so that you do not end up having products that negatively impact your health. Before you consume any product, make sure that you are getting it from a trusted company.

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